Milano Mannequins

The Milano mannequin range speaks of Italian style, design and urban store display. Mannequins from the Milano range have an illustrative quality that is simple, minimal and as effective as fashion sketch.

Made in New Zealand Milano can be custom styled to suit you requirements. Milano has sculpted hair in three different styles; bob, top knot and short crop. The hair, make-up and skin tone can be painted any colour to suit your requirements. Or they could be painted in one monotone paint finish e.g. gloss white. Seen here with ‘olive flesh’ skin tone and bright white bob; ‘calico’ skin tone and black top knot and ‘calico skin tone with sunshine yellow short crop.

Re-Vamp: If you would prefer a different body pose, a Milano mannequin head can be attached to most of our other mannequin poses. Or perhaps you want to revamp one of your existing mannequins. We can refurbish an existing Purfex mannequin with a Milano coiffure.

Morph Mannequins

Morph Mannequins

Morph Mannequins



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